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Whether this is your first visit to my site, or you are a returning visitor, I would like to thank you for being here! I have been blessed to work with others to help them on their path to self-discovery, happiness, clarity, and love. Together, and through the cards,  we will journey into the past, current, and future to find the answers you are looking for.



 Maya P.

Tarot is my passion! I discovered this amazing tool into the unseen realms while I was on my awakening journey in 2018. Since then, I have been reading for myself, family, friends, and just about anyone who asks me! A Vibe Tarot certified reader, it is my mission and great joy to help you discover what is hidden through the cards.

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Tarot Reading



 Maya is pleasant and she takes the time to explain what your cards mean. She is always spot on and the readings always give me great insight into my life. Maya's readings give me the clarity that I'm making the right moves in life but they are also helpful when making decisions and changes in my life for the better. 

Roxanne Pettiford

Maya is a wonderful card reader. She is very specific about what she sees. She shows you your options and provides clarification and guidance without judgment. She is open-minded and very helpful in providing direction in life. I always enjoy her readings. She is one of my go-to readers. I trust her.

Brandy Joy

Maya has done readings for me these past couple of years and she is always on point. Maya unknowingly has come across and hit on some critical situations for me. The cards definitely speak through her. She has become a channeling portal between our world and that of the cards. I trust her with what she expresses and reveals. Those cards don't lie. I personally have been able to have experienced the realness of her gift and sharing it with me has been an honor.

Ketrina A.D. Turcois

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All readings can be done via Zoom or a written report can be emailed to you. Take a look at the services below, and get in touch today! Click the Get in Touch button below to schedule directly with me. 

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Fortune Telling Cards



This is a general reading for any situation you want to gain clarity about. This is a less structured reading but will still give you good insights. You may choose from the following decks or let it be a surprise!

  • Smith-Waite 

  • Modern Witch

  • Gilded Tarot​

 These are the decks I work with most frequently. 


This reading will give clarity to the current situation, where it is heading, what is hindering it, what can help it, and finishes with a guidance card.

You may choose from the following decks or let it be a surprise!

  • Smith-Waite 

  • Modern Witch

  • Gilded Tarot​

These are the decks I work with most frequently. ​


Love oracle card readings! Get connected with Spirit and YOUR guides to get personal messages for your current path. Two deck options are:

  • Energy Oracle deck (recommend this deck for outside matters)

  • Psychic Tarot Oracle deck (recommend this deck for inner/soul work)

"The whole and sole object of all magical and mystical training is to become free from every kind of limitation."

Aleister Crowley

Tarot Cards


Questions? Never had a tarot reading before? Just have one or two thoughts or concerns before signing up for your reading? Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have.

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